My first attempts are container gardening on my balcony.

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Seedlings, seedlings, will you grow for me?

Spring is in the gardening stores! Seed packets and gardening tools are starting to hit the shelves. I have decided to try and grow my own little seedlings this year so I can save some money. Thankfully, I have learned from some of my gardening errors last summer. I was able to pick the seeds that would be most suitable to the horribly growing conditions on my balcony and the fruits and veg we will actually eat! I love to garden with my son, a preschooler. The other night we spent an hour or so filling our windowsill greenhouse with soil and seeds. He was quite excited to help! He was a little disappointed when he looked the day after and didn’t see any plants yet! I told him that we need to be patient. I hope that they actually grow, especially the strawberries. He loves strawberries!