My first attempts are container gardening on my balcony.

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Seedlings, seedlings, will you grow for me?

Spring is in the gardening stores! Seed packets and gardening tools are starting to hit the shelves. I have decided to try and grow my own little seedlings this year so I can save some money. Thankfully, I have learned from some of my gardening errors last summer. I was able to pick the seeds that would be most suitable to the horribly growing conditions on my balcony and the fruits and veg we will actually eat! I love to garden with my son, a preschooler. The other night we spent an hour or so filling our windowsill greenhouse with soil and seeds. He was quite excited to help! He was a little disappointed when he looked the day after and didn’t see any plants yet! I told him that we need to be patient. I hope that they actually grow, especially the strawberries. He loves strawberries!


A little too hot and a little too windy

Mother nature was not kind to my plants this week. High temperatures coupled with a few rather windy days has meant a few setbacks for my garden.

The tomato plant blew over, but at least the soil was so dry from the heat that nothing spilled out of the container.

My strawberries and lettuces were completely sucked dry of moisture. The lettuces are recovering, but the strawberries are having a harder time.

I rearranged the plants to try and protect them from the wind, which also freed up some space on my balcony. Does this mean it is time for more plants?

The good news is that my seedlings continue to do well, with the first hints of the spinach and bean plants emerging this week. The cucumbers and broccoli continue to grow, and small peppers have emerged on my pepper plant.

Not sure if this is the spinach or the beans!

Unfortunately, the blueberry’s soil continues to refuse to change pH. I am kind of lost as to what to do next with this one.